What to do on the Isle of Lewis and Harris
The island is well suited to the visitor looking to experience the joy of peace, quiet and a vast area largely devoid of human habitation. While Stornoway, the local town, has a busy town centre with a wide range of places to eat and entertainment for the evening the big attraction on the Isle of Lewis is the island itself which allows the visitor the freedom to roam miles of moorland full of interesting animals and birds or to have a picnic on a remote and lonely beach that you might expect on a tropical island rather than a Hebridean one. Lewis is an island for those who love the outdoors, wildlife, the heat haze rising off the moor in summer or the Atlantic crashing onto the rocks while the Northern Lights illuminate the sky above in winter. The links below provide some information as to what the visitor based at Dollag's Cottage might find to do but, in the end, on such a wild, empty and dramatic island the only limits are your imagination.

Must see.
It is so difficult to pick one or two things that the visitor "must see" while on the island, many visitors are surprised by just how big the island is and one week, or one month or even one lifetime isn't enough to see all the amazing sights that await.
One sight that almost all visitors want to see are the remarkable prehistoric standing stones at Callanish, about 20 minutes drive from Dollag's Cottage. It is also worth visiting the outlying stone circles as some are rarely visited and can be almost as dramatic, though not as grand, as the main circle. There is a visitors centre beside the main Callanish circle which serves some good home baking and a nice cup of tea.
The beach at Losgaintir, which is always rated among the top ten in the world, is also worth a visit - you travel to the end of the earth and then, just when you think you might fall off, you get to have a picnic in one of the most dramatic and beautiful settings anywhere on earth. 
Dollag's Cottage @ 7 South Shawbost
Callanish stone circle on the Isle of Lewis
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Panorama of the West Side of the Isle of Lewis
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