Katie Morag
Katie Morag is the new BBC children's television character who lives on the fictional island of Struay and all indications are that the series is going to be hugely popular with children and no wonder as nearly all kids love the freedom of life on a croft in the Outer Hebrides. At Dollag's Cottage the kids can come to the area where the series was made and experience life on a croft and in the outdoors just like Katie Morag. Dollag's Cottage is situated on a working croft, just like the croft house where Katie Morag's Grannie Island lives, and all the location scenes for the programme were shot in the area around the cottage with Katie Morag's cottage, the Post Office, located only a few miles away. As Dollag's Cottage is on a working croft there are often pet lambs that the kids can feed in the spring and sheep and lambs make up an important part of the local community. Kids can also play Pooh Sticks on the burns and rivers in the area and a good sandy beach, with a suitable burn running under a bridge at the far end, is located only a short walk, or maybe a reasonable walk if you have short legs, from the cottage. Dollanna, your host at Dollag's Cottage, even provides fishing rods suitable for the kids, and the adults, and several of our younger visitors during 2013 have been most excited to catch their own fish. Once they get to Dollag's Cottage our younger visitors love to be playing on the beach, or feeding lambs, or watching the wool woven into tweed, or using the telescope Dollanna provides to look out for an otter (or some pirates and smugglers) on the loch and kids just seem to enjoy the outdoor life once they get the chance to run free and enjoy living the "Katie Morag lifestyle." Lewis also has lots of more modern attractions for kids including a nearby indoor swimming pool, ten pin bowling and a fully equipped sports centre in Stornoway but on Lewis most kids are out from dawn to dusk getting up to all sorts of outdoor activities and returning with the healty glow that comes from long, active days out in the fresh air.

Some timelapse videos shot in the area around Dollag's Cottage over the Summer and Autumn 2015

Katie Morag questions:

Is there a real island of Struay? No, Struay is a fictional island but Lewis is much bigger and so has much more to do and see.

Where was Katie Morag shot:? All the exteriors for the programme were filmed in the area around the cottage with most of the locations being only a few minutes drive from your front door at Dollag's Cottage. The interior scenes were shot in a custom built studio set in Stornoway.

Where are the beaches in Katie Morag? Some of the beach scenes were shot on Dalbeg and Dalmore beaches, about 1 - 2 miles from the cottage, and some were shot on Shawbost beach which is within walking distance of the cottage.

Where is the post office in Katie Morag? The post office is not actually a real post office but is a cottage in the nearby village of Tolstadh a' Chaolais which is only a few miles from the cottage.

Dollag's Cottage @ 7 South Shawbost
Shawbost beach an ideal spot for kids and there is a bridge for Pooh Sticks at the far end
Feeding a pet lamb on the croft nearby the Katie Morag location
Dalbeg beach a favourite of Katie Morag
Above: Annie feeding a pet lamb

Below: The beach at Shawbost just a short walk from the cottage
Below: Nearby Dalbeg beach
Below: On Shawbost beach near the cottage, Dollanna, your host, working her sheep on the croft and a rainbow on the Barvas Moor
Rainbow on the north Barvas Moor
Working the sheep on the croft
On Shawbost beach near Dollag's Cottage