As has already been mentioned Lewis is one of the few places in the UK where the Sabbath is still very strictly observed and it must be highlighted that everything except for the churches will be closed on Sunday.
The one exception to this general rule is Engebret's Garage in Stornoway which opens for a few hours on a Sunday afternoon allowing the purchasing of fuel and basic supplies.
The island is well supplied with churches and there may, in some cases, be some differences to what might be normal on the mainland of Scotland. The most striking difference will be that in some areas the services are often held in Gaelic. While this may appear to be something of a problem to the visitor it does offer the opportunity to experience Gaelic Psalm singing. This is a unique and extremely interesting form of worship whereby a Precentor "gives out the line" and the congregation then join in. In recent years Gaelic Psalm singing has attracted considerable attention from the USA where some musicologists have asserted that the Gaelic Psalm tradition may have had a major role in shaping Blues music, with lines freqently repeated or where a call and response pattern is found which echos the Precentor giving the line. While this may, at first, seem unlikely a very many natives of Lewis made their way to America early in its history and instances of slaves speaking Gaelic are recorded. It must be mentioned that Gaelic Psalms are not to the taste of everyone, but it is something that the visitor should try to experience if at all possible. The following YouTube video was recorded in Back Free Church:

YouTube video of Gaelic Psalm singing.

Gospel Hall

There is a Gospel Hall located at Bayhead in Stornoway about 30 minutes drive from Dollag's cottage:

Bayhead Street

Tel: 01851 703134

Free Church of Scotland

There are a very many Free Church of Scotland churches on the island with Shawbost being the closest to Dollag's Cottage requiring only a few minutes drive. Just go up to the cross roads on the main Barvas - Carloway road and turn left. Drive down the hill and over the bridge and as you come up the other side the church is about a quarter of a mile on the right hand side of the road. The minister, Callum, is very welcoming and the contact details are as follows:

Free Church Manse
Isle of Lewis

Tel: 01851 710216

There are also Free Church of Scotland churches in Bragar, Carloway and Barvas all within 15 minutes drive of the cottage.

Church of Scotland

There is a Church of Scotland church located in Carloway

Church of Scotland
Isle of Lewis
01851 643255 (Manse)
01851 643211 (Church

There are also Church of Scotland churches in Barvas and Stornoway, among others.

Free Presbyterian

There is a Free Presbyterian church located in Stornoway about half an hour by car from Dollag's Cottage and the minister can be contacted as follows:

Rev Dr James R Tallach.
2 Fleming Place,
HS1 2NH.
Tel: 01851 702501.

Roman Catholic

There is a relatively new Roman Catholic church in Stornoway which was completed in 2007:

Scotland Street,

Dollag's Cottage @ 7 South Shawbost